Welcome to the Nordic Gehennas Community

We all wish all player, where ever you are, a awesome time !!! Now lets enjoy classic !

Quick update again: the Nordic Gehennas community is staying.
As Blizzard now have announced 4 more new PVP servers the Nordic Gehennas Community
will stay true the decision that Gehennas is the final stop for our community.
See you all on Gehennas in only a few days! We will all have a awesome time there :)

Quick update the Nordic Gehennas community is staying.
A large section of the Finnish community has recently decided to join us here at Gehennas
Any nordic player that is interested in joining this great community please check the links below!
Less than a week left until we all are playing classic!

Today the site has had over 20000 downloads and we are seeing many new nordic guilds join our new home.
All guilds in the Nordic Coalition welcomes the new guilds and all their players. Many guilds that decided
to stay on Shazzra are now joining the nordic coalition once again. We are very happy to see you all here again.

We have launched a new Discord server for our Nordic Community on Gehennas: discord.gg/cy45Gqa

The following WoW Classic guilds
has chosen to support this initiative.

Join us

Do your guild wish to become a part of Nordic Classic?
Please contact the Guild Masters of either BIZZNO or SCRUBCLUB.
You'll find a link to their Discord server amongst the listed guilds.